Toyota Fielder, Or “Where’s My Damn Wagon?”

I saw a car Friday morning, a car I didn’t recognize, with a badge on it I didn’t recognize either.

The Toyota Corolla Fielder. Couldn’t tell what it was until I checked the badge on the back. It’s not sold in North America. They sell like gangbusters in every single other market though. Once again, no wagons for North America. No, we have to buy SUV’s.

When I saw it at the Esso on Bank street, I had to circle it twice. Even in ‘base’ trim, it’s a pretty good looking wagon. But, then I had to find out what it really was: it’d obviously been imported, definitely a 2010 or 2011, so, what, WAS a “Fielder”.

Well, it’s the Toyota Corolla wagon we don’t get. And there’s a ton of models for it. The most interesting is the TRD Turbo, of course.

Now, that’s a great lookin’ little wagon. I’d buy that, even if it IS wrong-wheel-drive. That’s pretty hot.

158hp, 165lb.ft of torque isn’t a lot. But the Corolla/Fielder, the good one, not the fat one we get, only weighs in at 2500lbs. So, it’s not FAST, but with the other go-go bits, it’s gotta be fun to drive.

And why don’t we get it? It, and every other wagon on the market, with a couple of exceptions?

Because North American market has been determined to not want to buy wagons. Instead, we get SUV’s, CUV’s and compact-utes that get shitty mileage, look like the same damn box on stilts, and less space inside, for more money.

That fun-to-drive wagon up there? That gets the kind of fuel economy you’d expect of a Corolla.

What else aren’t we getting?

Well, the Chevy Cruise Wagon for one. And again, for around $20-$25,000cdn, that’s a hell of a deal. “Not for the North American Market”. The Hyundai Elantra GT/Touring is apparently, cool as it’ll look, turning from a traditional wagon to a standard 5-door hatchback (and there is a difference). There’s rumours we might get the Hyundai i40, aka Sonata wagon. THe Mazda 6 wagon is gone from North American shores, and with it, I would assume, any chance of a Ford Fusion wagon (aka, Mondeo estate).

The only ones we do get are the VW Passat Wagon, the VW Golf Wagon and the Touring. After that, you’ve gotta go over sixty grand for BMW and Mercedes. Even the Dodge Magnum, a lackluster vehicle at best, has died an untimely death. You can’t even buy a damn Legacy wagon anymore, you have to buy an Outback SUV. What we need is the Legacy Spec-B wagon.

Look, I don’t want an SUV. There’s some good ones out there, for sure. They’ve come a long, long way in the past years, and some of ’em are even fun to drive. But what I really want is a wagon: a car, that handles like a car, and gets the fuel economy of of a car. I want a sports sedan with a briefcase out back. I want the mullet of the carworld. The station wagon, or estate, or touring. Business up front, and party out back.

Someone, sell me a wagon. Rear wheel drive? By preference. All-wheel drive if I can. Front wheel drive if I must. But someone. Sell. Me. A. Wagon.

Because I can’t get a 55″ TV in my Genesis Coupe.


3 Responses to Toyota Fielder, Or “Where’s My Damn Wagon?”

  1. quotation says:

    Test driven the CTS wagon yet?

    • markramsden says:

      Wagon Response

      I forgot about a couple of current possibilities:

    • Volvo – great wagons, but in the same kind of premium price bracket as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes.
    • Cadillac – Now, that needs more attention.

      The problem with Cadillac’s are the price. The CTS wagon was only made available in 2010: I love the body style though. But, because they’re only about 18 months old, they’re expensive. The cheapest CTS Wagon I’ve been able to find in Ontario is $29,000, with 45,000km on the clock. A good deal, for sure, but definitely out of my hypothetical ballpark, espeically for a used vehicle.

      For used, this 2004 Mazda6 wagon is probably ideal: Low mileage, manual transmission, tons of space. It’s not super desireable by the majority of the market, so it’s a bit cheaper than you might expect. if I had the cash right now, I’d just buy this, to be honest. I’d love a Legacy, but you get really high mileage in this kind of ballpark. And I wouldn’t really want to pay more than ten grand for a used wagon.

      Mostly, my lament was for the lack of NEW wagons. And a new CTS wagon is in the sixty grand range. Lower than the BMW or Mercedes offerings, but still well out of my budget.

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