The Car Guy Returns

It’s the first time here, but anyone who followed my previously knows that I am a car guy.  I love cars.  I test drive cars just for something to do.  And I compare ’em.  

And, I’ll also admit, I’ve become something of a Hyundai Fanboy in the last few years.  I tried very, very hard not to be, but the strides they (and sister company Kia) have made in the last ten years are pretty spectacular.  Their sales numbers are impressive.  More impressive, though, is the quality of the vehicles they’re putting out.

I also own a hyundai.  Specifically, I committed the cardinal sin in the car world.  I bought my <a href=””>2.0T Genesis Coupe</a> not only in the first year the new platform (BK) was available, but in the first six weeks it was available in North America.  I ordered my car on April 8th, 2009, and took delivery about eight weeks later, June 11th.  It was an early 2010.

It’s no longer quite stock, but it doesn’t stop me admiring other cars, from vintage to new. 

And I test-drive stuff.  For fun. All kinds of things.  So, you’re going to get seat-of-the-pants reviews here occcasionally. Like tonight, for instance!  stay tuned!


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