Things Have Changed

Once upon a time, this was a photo-a-day blog. Then, life progressed, and generally got in the way, and suddenly, it was a photo-when-I-remembered. I recently started posting again, but, at the moment, at least, I don’t have a photo a day to put here.

Compounding the situation, I’m giving up my ‘old life’ on livejournal. It was fun in its time, but it’s not really working for me anymore, what with all the Russian spam I get. So, that blog will remain up, but effectively inactive: this will be where I do my musing now.

And yes, there will be some photography, as appropriate. But, at the same time as I’m making this particular change, I’m going to start a new photography blog. As yet, I’m undecided on the title, but it’ll probably be something uninspired, but effective and descriptive. There’s also my (rarely used) fiction blog, The Penguin Likes White Russians. If you think I was lax in my updates for photo-a-day… But, there will be updates there, sporadically too.

Mostly, this is to keep myself organized and have things the way I want them. And so you, the reader (I assume there will be SOME!) don’t have to sift through things you’re not interested in, to find the things you want.

I’m nothing if not helpful.

And I think that about covers all of that. Lets see what happens here, shall we? A new era, for me at least, begins.


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