And, I fail.

Well, I did better than last year.   Day 269 is not bad.   The problem is, of course, that it’s easy to take a picture a day, but it’s difficult to take a worthwhile picture a day.

However, don’t abandon hope. I’ll be back here again around Christmas (maybe earlier) and I’m starting again. Eventually, I WILL manage 365 days. Afterall, next year, I won’t be buying a new house, won’t be moving in with my awesome girlfriend, won’t (I hope!) be dealing with a multitude of family emergencies, both on her side and on mine, and can generally get on with living my life, and taking pictures (it’s that second bit that I think you all care about.

The good news is, I learned a lot last year. I took much better pictures, and I took more of them. I grew into my own style some more as well.

So, sometime in December, we’ll start at Day 1 again.

Stay tuned! I’m still here, and I’m hoping you will be too.


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