Day 169: Custom

Custom Coupe


2 Responses to Day 169: Custom

  1. Charles says:

    We dropped by your booth at Art in the Park on Saturday. Hope you had a successful weekend (despite the heat!). After we left I was thinking about your pic of the train at Smiths Falls and I wanted to mention another good spot for getting some train shots right here. Go down Johnston Rd past Southbank Dodge and take the first left to the old rail yard. Some real relics down there…very industrial.

  2. markramsden says:

    Charles, Hi!

    Glad you liked the material I presented. I’ll definitely take a run down and see about some pictures of the old rail yard, so stay tuned for them!

    And, of course, if you like anything and are interested in prints, you know how to reach me.

    Thanks again!

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