Day 137: European Muscle

I have a secret. One of my favorite types of cars of all time are the BMW Coupes. The three series is pretty common, but the Eight series from the early nineties, and the Six series from the eighties, those are fantastic cars.

THey’re becoming much more rare though. So, walking home from work the other day, I saw this one sitting outside an autobody shop. I’m glad I took pictures, because it vanished after that, and I figured the work was done, and it’d gone home. Not so! I saw it at the engine and transmission shop down the street about a week later. While I think they’re fantastic in stock form, either 633 or 635, I kinda hope someone’s paying to have a big ol’ Chevy V8, maybe an LS1, stuffed under that pretty Bavarian sheetmetal.

We’re talking some fucking MUSCLE.

BMW 6 Series


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