Day 96: Lexus in HDR

416hp is a truly wonderful thing. And the 8-speed semi-automatic it’s attached to isn’t bad, either.

Lexus IS-F


2 Responses to Day 96: Lexus in HDR

  1. fuzzy says:

    i really love this picture. thats my dream car seriously. i dun dream for a ferrari or anything else i dream for a Lexus IS-F!
    i dunno if u retouched it but its gorgeous!
    i wanted to know if u have it in a bigger version, would please PLEASE send it to me???
    i wanna put it as my wallpaper 🙂

  2. markramsden says:

    Hey Fuzzy!

    I’m really glad you love the pic: normally, the biggest free version I give away is 800×600: any bigger than that I charge for, preferably as a print (and, I gotta tell you, this shot looks GREAT as an 8×10 print)

    However, I don’t have an 800×600 readily available, so, how’s a 1280×965 version?

    Enjoy! And if you’re looking for prints, let me know.

    Also, I work under a Creative Commons License. Tell people, show’em the pic, but don’t change it (and that includes clipping off the watermark) or sell it!



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