Day 69: Hogsback Falls, Pt 1

Hogsback Falls, in Ottawa in my opinion, it’s far more beautiful and spectacular in winter. We’ve just had rain, freezing rain, and melting, and the falls are just exploding. At the same time, they’re still frozen.

Truly Beautiful, and I’ll be using these pictures for a couple of days, simply because I like them that much.

As for the details, I shot them all as small an aperture as I was able to (between f/25 and f/29). I also used my Cokin graduated ND2 to stop it down even further, and the slowest film speed available (ISO 200 on the D70s) The object was to get a long enough exposure to create some motion blur in the water, while not blowing out the exposure on the snow and ice. I’d really like to try this again with an ND8 filter (non-graduated), or even two, so that I can go a much longer exposure (say two to four seconds).

Frozen Rush II
ISO 200, f/29, 1/5th second


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