Day 52: Modern Medicine

One of the reasons I broke off my effort for photo-a-day last year, was that I just got tired. Long and short of it was a B12 deficiency, and a lot of accompanying side-effects. They don’t know what causes it. The treatment is ridiculously simple: shots of B12, 1000mcg a day, straight into the muscle. Right now, I’m waiting to see if the levels drop off to the point at which I need to do the shots on a monthly/bi-weekly basis, pretty much forever, or if my body is absorbing b12 again on its own.

When I say they don’t know what causes B12 anemia, I mean it. That they can diagnosis it at all is relatively new. Thirty years ago, people just got exhausted, nerve damage, and died. They’ve some ideas as to things than can aggravate it, but as to cause? No idea. Something switches off the body’s ability to absorb B12 and poof, there you go.

So, this was my treatment.

Day 52 Modern Medicine


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    So, do you play baseball now?

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