Day 33: Motion.

The girlfriend is taking a photography class, and I’m sort-of ‘auditing’ it through her, and her assignments. Her assignment this week? Motion.

And motion panning is something I’ve wanted to get better at, so, this is my shot. I took a bunch more, but this is probably the best of ’em, or at least the most interesting. The trick is, to set the shutter low enough that you can move the camera so that the lens follows the moving subject, and stay open while you do it. What I’d not considered when we set out was just how BRIGHT it was. I was getting reasonably quick shutters even at f/29, which is a tiny pin-prick of an aperture. I finally had to set at f/29, in the shade, and push the exposure compensation.

skater, in motion
f/29, 1/25th second, ISO 200, +1/3EV
Nikon D70s, Nikon 18-70mm ED DX


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