Day 25: In the County

Been a couple of days again, but there are photos, they’re just not uploaded. The reason? Been happily celebrating with my folks at their place. A couple of years ago, they moved out of suburbia, and into ‘The County’. And it’s pretty typical country out here. Farms, single-lane roads and bridges, and great expanses of green/brown/blue (grass, crops, and water, respectively).

Coming back from town we stopped on Gomorrah Road. Yes, as in “Sodom and…” I always found it a little creepy that it was named that, but, each to their own I guess.

What I managed was two great shots, once again with my now-favorite Cokin ND2 filter.

f/10, 0.013 second, ISO 200
Nikon D70s, Nikon 18-70mm ED DX, Cokin P-series ND2

I’m planning on re-doing this shot as an HDR, so you can probably look forward to seeing that later on. You might not, however, because I’m a little worried about how the lens flare is going to react to the processing. Also, I need to crop out a little bit down in the right corner, where I got a bit of the bridges guard-rail in the shot. Not much, but every little bit counts.


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