Day 21: Lightbox Macro, continued

More from the Lightbox.

Same equipment. THis time though, I got more creative with the lighting, and took the SB-600 off the tripod, and just lay it down inside the whitebox, next to the object being photographed, and just out of frame. Wow, does that EVER provide some serious lighting. Also, I can move it around to put the shadows where I want them, and I get more bounce from the bottom of the box, as well. For smallish items, this thing is a godsend.

I think this one is probably my favorite shot. It’s very simple, but I think it’s very well lit, and that the definition is excellent. Good contrast, good light, no noise, excellent color.

And once I get my own lightbox made, I’ll manage even better, because I’ll be using steady lighting, rather than flash. Don’t get me wrong, the flash is excellent, but steady lighting means I can focus more easily, because I can see properly, and I can expose the way I want, rather than by trial and error (and it really is, because with the manual lens, there’s no metering at all, the camera can’t help or prompt me.)



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