Day 19: When Dinosaur’s Ruled the Earth

Man, I like this shot! I’m working on a project to make these kinds of shots even better, but for the moment, this is a cheap-reflective-flash shot. I’ve got my trusty SB-600 mounted on a little desktop SLIK tripod, pointed to the side, and reflecting off a posterboard that my girl bought me to use as a simple backdrop. Lens in question is my 55mm Micro-Nikkor f/3.5 manual, with no converter attached.

The whole lot is set up on a kitchen table, so that I could set myself up and shoot from BELOW the Dinosaur toy, which is just a cheapie that a few friends have already taken pictures of.

I over-boosted the flash, too, to give that slightly washed-out look to the background, and take any imperfections out on-camera.

Like it a lot. T-rex says ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

Day 19- T-rex Lives
f/3.5, 1/200th second, ISO 200
Nikon D70s, 55mm Micro-Nikkor f/3.5, SB-600


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