Day 12: Kids in Deep Snow.

I had a really hard time picking a shot to use for this one, because I got a bunch of really good ones. If you want to see ’em all, take a look at the set, here on flickr.

This ended up being the one I liked most though. Subject matter? Easy. Super-cute kids of my friends. Especially in ‘action’ mode (in this case, being launched like a lawn dart into three feet of snow).

I like this one most because the action comes through best of all. While her head is cropped out, it’s because my friend MDK tossed her higher than I expected. At the same time, there’s a ton of snow coming off her boots, which again, heightens the feeling of movement. While all this is going on, I got the aperture, shutter, and ISO right, and got a shot that’s well lit, despite an overcast day (and that I could have had blown-out on the ground, because of the reflection on the snow), in focus, and has no movement blur. At the same time, Treat’s got the style of a skateboarder doing a trick! All in all, I’m very happy with it!

04 lawndarts with children
f/4.5, shutter .001 seconds, ISO 640
Nikon D70s, Nikon 18-70mm ED DX


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