Day 9: Macro Tools

Pretty basic today. Given all the New Year’s resolutions that are floating around on blogs, I got to thinking about things I want: Not goals, but things I want to improve the work I’m doing. And while you can take good pictures with inexpensive equipment, it’s sometimes best to upgrade. I bought this rig, a 55mm f/3.5 micro-nikkor lens, somewhere around thirty years old, and a 2x-3x Sankyo kohki/Komura extension two years ago. I paid about $300 for the pair, which fit my budget then, and got me a macro. And it’s not been bad. I’ve done a lot with insects in the wild, but I’m looking to upgrade to a new Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro. For many, many reason.

I’ve also been reading Strobist regularly, and I’m getting some great ideas from there.

Just gotta put them into practice. Stay tuned.

01 - Macro and extension
F/4.5, 1/30th second, ISO 640
Nikon D70s, Nikon 18-70mm DX, SB-600


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