Day 147: Pontiac Firebird

Yet another car show, this time back at Monkey Joe’s on Carling Avenue, in Ottawa. It’s a great show, with a lot of cars and owners, and lots of stories. However, this has become my favorite shot from this particular show. There’s a huge amount of sky, but despite that, the focus stays on the the Firebird which is the subject. I shot from very low down, which is becoming my preferred stance for shooting cars, my ‘thing’ if you will. I think it gives a fantastic perspective on what is, honestly, a pretty run-of-the-mill late-seventies pony car. This is actually one of the least favorite versions of the Firebird/Camaro (both were on the same GM F-body platform), and had been castrated by a combination of weight, and emissions and fuel restrictions. Despite that, they’re still an example of the quintessential muscle or pony car.

And I do love this shot.

Pontiac Firebird


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