Day 41: Winterlude

Ahhhh, winterlude. I walked about in the sun, wind, and cold with the always interesting Yumikid, and took pictures of anything that was interesting. We discussed perspective, and she got a good laugh out of me lying in the snow to get an ‘upshot’ of some of the sculptures, and the small model they were made to duplicate. However, she ended up trying that out herself, too, after seeing how some of them came out.

This one I thought was going to be one of the lack-luster shots: I mean, how interesting is a pair of hands knitting? It was one of those ‘slogan’ ones too, with a pithy statement carved into the snow, and all that good stuff. Very rah-rah Canada. However, the right angle, specifically, looking up along one of the ‘needles’, and close cropped, even in the camera, and it took on a whole new light. A little tweaking in the image temperature and color, and I was surprised at just how strong it became.

knitters fingers


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