Day 24: Dusk on the Canal

It’s cold now. -22oC overnight tonight. I walked home from work, long distance route, and I’m glad I did, even though I eventually had to put the camera away because my fingers were too cold to use it. However, with some landscape blocking the sun, not quite completely, but mostly, I got a great shot.

The HDR is mostly to brighten the shadowed area, so it’s not just a silhouette. What I got as a side effect is that cold, bright blue in the snow and reflections, and a grey-blue sky. I love the clarity, and I love the over-real feeling that HDR gives. I’ve moved away from the ultra-surreal HDR shots; I like them, but in all honesty, I’m not good at setting them up. What I have become good at is getting a clean, glossy feel to the images, and clarity throughout the image.

Canal in HDR


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