Day 5: Cars with Character

Ohhh, I love old cars, I love muscle cars, I love the Pony Cars, lets face it, I love cars.

Once upon a time, I owned a 1980 Pontiac Parissienne, and followed that with a 1988 Pontiac Parissienne Safari Wagon. I loved both those cars. A few months ago, I saw this sitting outside a body shop on one of my walking routes, and thought “I should get pictures of that, that’s cool”. Never got around to it, until today, when I saw it again. And this time, I had my camera with me. So, I got the shots, but forgot to check the badges to see just what it was. Now, I knew it was a Pontiac, and late sixties, early seventies, but beyond that, I didn’t know.

Turns out, it’s a 1970 Pontiac Executive. Now, the only thing that’s strange about it is that it’s a convertible. But they didn’t make an Executive convertible, according to everything I’ve read. The front-end is without a doubt that of a ’70 Executive though. So, that’s my problem. More research, I think. In the meantime:

1970 Pontiac Executive


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